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Video Inspection Equipment

The video recording equipment is very versatile, with its portable size it is possible to access areas with complex locations or places where the vehicle cannot access due to the difficulty of the location.

It is 500m long to cover a wide range of surveys in a simple and autonomous way.

Videos Entubaciones.jpg

Casing Analysis

The image records allows us to know precisely what type of casing is used in the installation of a well or borehole, as well as its characteristics and depth reached by it. In this way, the necessary maintenance tasks can be carried out to extend the useful life of wells or boreholes that could otherwise deteriorate and be abandoned.

Videos Entubaciones.jpg
Videos Sondeos.jpg
Videos Sondeos.jpg

Images in boreholes and wells

From the survey images it is possible to have a first idea about the state of the rock, making their use extremely interesting prior to the geophysical study using the geophysical logging probes that will provide complete and exhaustive information on the characteristics of the geological formations crossed by drilling.

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